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  • Did MyDumper LIKE Triggers?
    Yes, but now it likes them more, and here is why.IntroUsing the LIKE clause to filter triggers or views from a specific table is common. However, it can play a trick on you, especially if you don’t get to see the output (i.e., in a non-interactive session). Let’s take a look at a simple example […]

  • MySQL NDB Cluster replication: Single-channel replication
    This is the second article in our blog series about MySQL NDB Cluster replication, it describes the basic concept and functional parts of a single-channel replication which is used for replicating data between clusters.

  • How to Add, Show, and Drop MySQL Foreign Keys
    A key is typically defined as a column or a group of columns that are used to uniquely locate table records in relational databases (including MySQL, of course). And now that we've covered MySQL primary keys on our blog, it's time to give you a similarly handy guide on foreign keys. The post How to Add, Show, and Drop MySQL Foreign Keys appeared first on Devart Blog.

  • Creating a MySQL HeatWave Configuration with the OCI CLI
    The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) command line interface (CLI) allows users to manage OCI resources. In this post, we will discuss how to use the OCI CLI to create a MySQL HeatWave configuration that can be specified when creating a new instance.

  • When COMMIT Is the Slowest Query
    When COMMIT is the slowest query, it means your storage is slow. Let’s look at an example.